c 2 m . f i x . n o

You have entered the official (dis)information page about Conspiracy 2 Murda the Mentally dead, of the east side of Oslo, Norway.

What the foik? There is much confusion in the world. Many people have for unknown reasons been led to believe that C2M still is a rap-crew from the far north-east hills of Oslo. This is not so. C2M is a collective of independently operating cells of Active Service Units in secrecy combating wackness.

Take precautions, as most of the information you prior to this thought to be for real about C2M is most certainly counter-revolutionary propaganda and bad rumours. Rumours are not good. Do not believe rumours unless they are being spread by a certified C2M-member.

Alarmclock Wake the fuck up and act the fuck up. Checkout the official home of C2M-affiliates Alarmclock Connection and the new and nice duracell DonMartin page.

Get with the news The C2M-newsletter has been classified and withdrawn from public access as of now. We urge you to join the Alarmclock monthly Music&Politix newsletter, which will feature C2M-news if there is any.

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